Not a ton to see still.  Unfortunately things tend to be hard to see when they’re seedlings.  Below is the overall plan for the garden though.  Granted some things might change or be added (like the asparagus we just stuck planted), but in general it should be correct.  Pictures are below.  Click any image for a larger view.

The above image shows the progress of the sweet corn.  We planted close to 300 plants from seed and it looks like just about all of them are coming up.  What you see is about a week or so of growth since they emerged.  We planted the corn extra close this year because of our poor crop last season.  Corn pollinate each other (each silk tassel must be pollinated to produce each kernel of corn on the cob) so the more the better.  Also in the bed are some sunflowers and one pumpkin.

Picture Below Left: Shows the Cucumbers (down the middle) and Bush Beans on the left and right (think green beans in the grocery store).  Like the corn, the beans were almost all planted from seed and have emerged within about a week.

Picture Below Right: Shows the just completed rear bed against the back wall for the bell peppers and chili peppers.  More will also go in here, but for now that’s what’s in there.  The peppers went into the coolest part of the garden (against the wall) because they can burn in intense sunlight and heat.  Something that happened to us last year and both things (sun and heat) that Corona does not lack for.  We’ll see how this works…luckily those who are closer to the coast probably don’t have this to worry about.