Agave attenuata

Foxtail Agave

Probably one of the most widely used succulents available this Mexican native forms attractive geometric rosettes, perfect for accent plantings in both beds and containers.  Extremely adaptable and hardy, it can take dry conditions and direct sun as one would expect of an agave but also does well with regular water so it can planted in much more than just xeriscape conditions.  Growing up to 5 feet across it is also unique in that it features NO spines, making it kid and pet “friendly”.  Like many agaves, Foxtail also suckers.  Meaning that it will grow “pups” off the base of the plant and one will eventually become many (see pictures).  These suckers can be cut off and replanted by themselves to form a completely new plant.  Thus, one agave can lead to many and a nice little return on your investment.  After several years an agave may flower although it can differ from one plant to the next.  Attenuata sends a striking 10-14 foot tall spike of yellow-green flowers straight up into the sky, but flowering usually results in the death of the individual plant (hence the reason for the suckers).