Another eventful week in the BMLA Victory Garden.  Everything has remained healthy and has grown (as you can see from the pictures).  The obvious additions were nametags (See image below) that we created to identify the plants, the additional bark mulch we added to the pathways (still plenty of dirt left to cover though), and the delineated planter around the pot that will soon feature strawberries once the irrigation has been set up.

Some minor changes include the addition of two new hose bibs and hoses.  Now we have three hose connections and hoses at different corners of the garden (by the back wall, the raised patio, and the parking lot) so that we can easily get additional water anywhere we need it without having to drag hoses up and down the rows.  This was planned when we ran all the irrigation pipes though so it wasn’t a sudden addition.  We simply hooked up the nozzles this week.

Additionally we have officially begun to try our hand at growing potatoes…red potatoes to be exact.  We had sprouting chunks drying out all week and today they were planted in the ditch (see picture).  You bury the potatoes two inches deep at the bottom of the ditch but leave the ditch uncovered.  When leaves appear you fill in another two inches of soil and repeat until the ditch is filled in.  This is done to get the potatoes down to a depth where they have the room to grow.

The last of the trellis’ and supports were added as well so the actual growing conditions for anything that will climb is ready.  The only thing other than the strawberry planter and remaining paths left to do is weed, maintain, and watch everything grow.

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