Not much happened this week to the garden (besides natural growth).  There were a lot of vacations going around and lots of people out of the office.  As a result we didn’t finish up with the bark mulch paths (hopefully that happens next week).  We were however able to finish the last remaining planting bed surrounding the pot, running the irrigation and planting it with our second patch of strawberries.

In new sightings, we’ve seen our first asparagus shoots (see picture below left).  We’re really not sure how this will work as you’re supposed to give them a year to establish themselves and form a root mass before harvesting young shoots…we may not wait that long.  All of our tomato plants with the exception of the heirlooms (the only ones planted from seed and thus a bit behind developmentally) are also fruiting.  We’ve already begun pruning and training the tomato bushes to try and keep them more under control than we did last year.

Some unexpected news also arrived this week as we seem to be reaping the fruits of nature’s labor.  We have quite a few unexpected guests in the form of about 6 melon plants, 3 tomato plants, and a chili pepper plant (see picture above right) appearing in places around the garden that we did not plant.  Most seem to be coming up within about 30 feet of the composting area so it’s possible some seed were dropped at some point.  We probably won’t leave all of them where they are and will either remove them or replant them elsewhere.  The decision hasn’t been made yet.

What you see in the planter with the corn is a pumpkin (which will grow around the bases of the corn stalks) and a sunflower (just cause we can).  We still have no idea why the corn in the center patch in the font of the picture has taken so much longer than everything else.

All in all lots of progress.  If you compare last week’s to this week’s post I’m sure you’ll notice this.  Still large bare areas while we wait for the melons, pumpkins, zucchini, celery, and peppers to take off.  In time though it should all fill in and be quite a sight.  Looking forward to it.  Hopefully I’ll have a little more to update you with next week.