The garden is growing by leaps and bounds.  One benefit of growing vegetables is that they are certainly an ego booster if you consider yourself to have a black thumb.  Since most are annuals they need to grow very fast in order to get large and reproduce as quickly as possible.  Makes growing them that much more rewarding (besides the obvious culinary benefits).  Anyways, even the beds that still look a little barren will soon enough be filled.  The pumpkins and melons are all getting ready to explode.  They all have runners starting and will soon enough be going all over the place.  The tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and corn exhibit the most obvious growth week by week but everything is several times larger.  See my other post with a time lapse photo montage for proof.

I included some photos below highlighting some new additions.  Below left is the less tasty of the artichoke plants that we allowed to bloom (the part you eat is actually the flower bud so in order for them to bloom you obviously can’t harvest the part you eat).  Now you can see why artichoke plants are popular as flowering shrubs in addition to delicious vegetables.  Below right are our newly forming cucumbers (see red arrows).

Below left is the first sign of our potatoes in the ditch I explained in an earlier post.  As you can see two potato plants have appeared, when they get a certain height we will fill in more of the ditch.  Below right is our first zucchini.

Below left is the herb planter portion of our garden containing onions, cilantro, oregano, basil, rosemary, and lavender.  Below right is a less than sexy picture of our composting area.  Not an especially glamorous part of gardening, but very helpful in recycling natural food products (that you otherwise wouldn’t recycle) and to get a free organic mulch that will make plants happy.  The pile on the left is over a year old and is close to producing some mulch while the pile on the right is where all our current additions go.  Eventually they will be combined and another pile will be started.