Hi guys…sorry for the delay.  I know you’re all hanging on every word and picture but sometimes actual work precludes me from getting out there and snapping some photos.

Well, as you can see in the picture below we had our first official harvest yesterday.  Tons and tons of green beans with an equal load of lemon cucumbers and several regular cucumbers.  We’ve added a couple tomatoes and a zucchini to that haul today.  Most plants haven’t yet started producing large quantities of produce yet, but that will come soon as the tomatoes are covered in unripe fruit and others like the carrots, melons, pumpkins, and squash just need time.  Until then the cucumbers and green beans are going to keeping us busy.

Obviously things are growing by leaps and bounds.  The corn is now easily taller than my 6 foot 2 inch height and we’re starting to see the tassles appear.  The sunflowers too are pushing 6 feet in places.  The pumpkins and watermelons are growing like weeds now too.  We have small (dime size) melons and several pumpkins (the largest of which is probably 1 or 2 pounds now).

One interesting plant that we’re trying this year is tomatillos.  We’ve grown one from a 4 inch pot and one from seed.  The seed is now starting to catch up but they are both covered in blooms.  In the case of the larger plant it has actual tomatillos forming as well.  They form just like tomatoes except that they form inside this papery cocoon after the flower dies.  Fairly interesting.  I have no idea what to do with tomatillos other than a salsa recipe so if any of you have any suggestions please drop me a line and we may try them.

Hopefully we can finally get the rest of the bark paths taken care of this week.  The World Cup has put a damper on some of the work that we had going on out there.  Additionally we will be weeding the back bed this week as it has been taken over by weeds.  Our one in-ground planter is quite a lowly sight (thus why you’re not seeing any photos of it).  Plenty growing in it other than weeds though so we need to get it done and be better going forward about upkeep.

Hopefully I’ll be better from here on out keeping the updates coming.