Melaleuca nesophila

Pink Melaleuca

Not to be confused with Melaleuca quinquinervia (the Paperbark Tree) the Pink Melaleuca grows naturally as a small tree between 15 and 20 feet tall but can be used in a wide variety of instances from clipped hedges, to a large screen shrub/tree, as an accent tree, or even as a shade tree.   The Paperbark Tree is the common Melaleuca everyone thinks of and that is seen all over with its distinctive peeling, spongy, whitish to light brown bark.  The Pink Melaleuca doesn’t share this annoying trait with it’s brother although it does have interesting, swirling bark.  A very tough tree that can take abuse, ocean spray, heavy winds, high heat, and poor soil and come out the other side looking attractive and thriving.  It has unique, attractive flowers that appear as feathery globes on the branch ends throughout the year.  An additional reason for it’s use is its growth habit.  Often developing a gnarled, sprawling appearance it can easily provide a very interesting visual addition to the yard or garden that can even evoke a sense of banzai at times.