June Lake

Apparently I’m actually interesting enough that you wish to know more about me.  All right…fine…

Since I have a desire to discuss my profession and professional interests within this blog we’ll start there.  Graduated from the California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly SLO for the lay person) in 2004.  I was lucky in that I actually found a terrifically interesting profession when I began college in 1999.  Came out the other end and joined the real world with a Bachelor’s of Landscape Architecture.  Went to work immediately for the design firm The Collaborative West in San Clemente after graduation and never looked back.  After almost 4 years of master planned communities, model homes, recreation centers, master planning, international work in China and Egypt, and lots of learning I unfortunately became a casualty of the current economic conditions.  Luckily for me I was able to move on to better things when I was employed by BMLA Landscape Architecture in Corona in 2008.  I’ve spent my time helping to develop sports parks, custom designed playgrounds, resort living facilites, international schools, custom residences, and everything else under the sun.  Continuing to attempt and soak up every bit of new information and skill that I can.

For the future?  Becoming a licensed landscape architect…becoming a LEED accredited professional…continuing on.

Personally…married a woman way outside my league, got a family way more interesting than me, and a life that continues to provide me with welcome surprise and happiness.  As you may find out from this blog, I have a lot of interests.  Everything from the active (skiing, beach volleyball, basketball, softball, hiking, airsoft) to the visual (drawing, visual arts, movies, videogames, photography) to the mundane (cooking, TV, literature).  Can’t unravel all the mysteries that are me here and now…you’ll just have to come by periodically to put the picture together piece by piece.

Thanks for stopping by.